In August 2012 five schools from different European countries have entered into Comenius programme which is called: „ EUROPE - UNITY IN DIVERSITY”.


 The participating schools are from:


  • Poland: Publiczne Gimnazjum nr 3 in Starogard Gdański;
  • Greece: 2nd Vocational Lyceum of New Filadelfeia;
  • Italy: Istituto Tecnico Statale per il settore economico "Raffaele Piria" Reggio Calabria
  • Romania: Colegiul de Industrie Alimentara Elena Doamna;
  • Turkey: Alankent Cok Programli Lisesi;


The project "EUROPE - UNITY IN DIVERSITY" implies learning about the social behaviour and the social cohesion for the personal and professional development of people as active citizens. This project aims to promote the cultural values of each country for a better communication between European nationalities. The partners from Poland, Greece, Turkey, Italy and Romania work together in order to contribute to the reinforcement the role of Lifelong Learning in understanding and respect for human rights and democracy.


The students work together by looking for and exchanging information about the problems related to emigration and immigration looking for solutions that would be of help for those who intend to emigrate.  By working together to achieve the final outcomes of the project, the students from the European partner institutions have the chance to know each other better, learn about understanding and tolerance for those with special needs and disadvantaged groups regardless of their socioeconomic background.